Pattern by Kim Diehl.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Forward and Backward

I have a 'few' projects just about finish and decided it was time to just get on and finish them. My Coxcomb and Star quilt has been waiting to be put together. Trimming up the 36 1/2" squares had been the cause of the delay. Not one of my favourite jobs on large pieces, when neither the ruler or the cutting board are big enough. That done I attached the centre sashing and was not happy with the look of what had been supplied in the BOM for it. As there had been plenty of fabric supplied I cut new ones from a lighter fabric left over from an earlier month. Of course, this meant the first ones had to be unpicked. Need I say more! Not a favourite either. Then the borders went on. Yay!  Well, until I looked at these photos and realised the left border is facing the wrong way.

Next job, get the HST 's trimmed. These ones were 11/2"

and these ones 13/4".  I always make them bigger and trim to size.

But this was the result. One more block for Lori's quilt.

and today, with all the HST's made I also completed the ninth and last block.

I won't tell you how many squares and HST's I have left. Maybe I'll make some dolls quilts with the squares. I like the look of the centre of the last block.
Now, while on the subject of HST's I have this bundle to trim for 28 blocks.

 because I still have this quilt on the go. I have the Crossroads blocks made already so after the Birds in the Air blocks just two more rounds to go .

I just have too many bits and pieces on the go at one time.
p.s. I've unpicked the border and it's stitched on,  the right way. 

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

There's been a lot happening.

This week after the workshop at Linda 's I went to an Antique Quilt Day also at Linda's . Many old quilts to see and fabrics to oh! and ah! over and a wonderful lunch and great company as well. Here are just a couple of snippets.

This weekend was our Quilt Show for the Australian Quilters Association
and I was delighted to win Viewer's Choice with my Mary Brown quilt. A shocking photo of it but you get to see the one it is. There were 150 quilts on show plus 26 blocks for a Challenge quilt and several quilts using the Elizabeth Legacy' pattern. A wonderful exhibition altogether.

Meantime I have been working on Di Ford's Mystery quilt BOM and have finished getting the border done and attached.
and I've also been sewing the Crib Quilt from my workshop with Marg Sampson-George and it's coming along. Most of the outer elements still need to be appliqued.

Now back to sewing, I've never had so many projects going at the same time.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Another busy weekend.

I've had another busy weekend this time at a 2day workshop with Marg Sampson George. This is the time to raid the stash and find all those bright or spotty or geometric fabrics, the ones that normal live at the back of my cupboard. I do enjoy seeing how an expect views fabrics and how she cuts them up to form wonderful shapes to applique. The first photo is a great  example.
Having bought the fabrics to make the Crib Quilt at last year's class and then making the Jane Pizar instead I decided to start it at this year's class. Here is a photo of Marg's Crib Quilt. 

On the second day I went with newly acquired fabric and changed the design on my quilt much to Marg's delight.  Here is just a small section of what I'm doing. There will be a new addition to the family in September so the colours and designs will be for either, boy or girl.
This is some of us engrossed in the 'quilt show 'that followed at the end of class. 

and not forgetting the prior weekend here is my Sutton Grange that I started with Di Ford. Plenty of applique to keep me busy for quite some time.


Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A Weekend Away

Back home again after a wonderful weekend filled with quilts, fun and friends. The first photo is lunch at Kyneton on our way to Maldon where we stayed in a lovely old Guest House. Below are Bev, Linda, me and Randi. Moreen joined us on Saturday.
Saturday, was up early, well for me anyway, breakfast and off to Threadbear to do a bit of shopping before the workshop with Di Ford and Margaret McDonald started. I bought a Yoko Saito book called Daily Quilt with quilts, bags and a few stuffed animals. There's an elephant I'd like to make for a new addition to the family due later in the year.
Arriving at the venue we were given a bag of 'goodies' which contained a large bundle of fabrics to use in the quilt we were there to start ,while learning applique skills and fabric use. The bag was full of many good things. In the morning session we had Di Ford and her version of the quilt and this is where we sat with her quilt in the corner. The fabric for the inner sashings is no longer available but Di had brought a number of fabrics that would be suitable for the job, some turned on point and cut diagonally would be spectacular but my eyes don't see what Di's eyes can see in a fabric before I'm shown, and this is a great ability that she has. This is one of the reasons her classes are wonderful.

re note at bottom of post, I now have a couple of photo's one of the centre.
and one of the 'fussy' cutting and the applique sashing.


Here is a photo of Margaret McDonald's version. The centre is the same but she has different surrounds and borders and we spent the afternoon with her. Again techniques  were shown for appliqueing pieces with curves and how to tackle smaller pieces and pieces that overlap or go under adjacent shapes. It was all very interesting and we had a wonderful day. 
From there it was onto the Quilt Show and here are a couple of photos. The first one, the Antique Wedding Sampler and Moreen standing beside her quilt. This is her first quilt! and it is stunning.
Here is Bev beside her quilt which is gorgeous and the colours are soft and wonderful.

To see a large range of photos from the quilt show please visit Buddy and Me and Every Stitch blogs.
Sunday was a lie in and then a visit to the shops in Maldon before a few stops at old-time country cottages for photographs and a visit to the first school in the area, now just very old ruins.

but surrounding it was the biggest delight, as none of us had seen Gum trees like these before. The bark had peeled off, as gum trees do, and the trunk was now a spiral of light and dark colours. It was amazing how it ran up the tree and along the branches and all the trees around the school were the same.

We then returned to Castlemaine and had a wander around the shops, going to Habadash, the button shop, and the  Castlemaine book shop,[one of the best] and the Restorers shop and also another trip to Threadbear before leaving to come home.
p.s. if I can work out how to get my IPad photo's to transfer across to this computer I'll show  some close ups of Di Ford's quilt and all of her 'fussy 'fabric cutting. At the moment it is not cooperating with me!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Cotton and Chintz.

I've been waiting for the cotton chintz to arrive at Somerset and it did when I was there on Friday. I am making Karen's quilt which is on the front of the 100th edition of  the Quiltmania  magazine and here is a photo of mine. In the centre is the Chintz Tree of Life panel surrounded by a mixture of  Dutch Chintz fabrics and cottons for the hexagons and bordered by Petra's new cotton chintz.

Another item that has been finished is the last border for my Coxcombs and Stars quilt.

and the last item that has been sitting waiting to just be stitched together is Block 7 for Lori's quilt. Just as bright as all the others.

I'm away with the 'girls' next weekend. First a class with Di Ford and Margaret McDonald on Saturday at Threadbear in Castlemaine and on Sunday a visit to the Applique quilt show. I'm thoroughly looking forward to both.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Another piece finished.

First item to be finished was the 4th centre block for my Coxcombs and Stars and now I'm working on the bottom and last border. This is a large quilt and laying on the floor was the only way I could photograph it while still in pieces. The bottom border matches the top one and I really want to get this finished in the near future.

I bought this Japanese Taupe fabric last year at the quilt show. It's more of a dark grey than brown and I had the handles and the big black button in my stash already.  The next photo is the fabric I used for the lining. Nice and bright so I can find things when I fill it up. It always seems harder to find the keys at the foot of the bag if it has a black lining.


Block number 6. The 2nd orange border is not dark or dull, it's just the turquoise is very bright.

It feels good to get ahead and finish off some pieces and there's a very good reason too. Next month, March I've booked myself into, not one, but TWO workshops. That's two new projects and I'm looking forward to both of them but they both involve choices of designs so more about that later.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Not a lot of sewing

I managed to get another of Lori's blocks finished. I like to make the HST's by sewing two squares diagonally together on either side of a centre line and with so many fabrics to choose from I try to make enough to have a complete round with no doubles. The bonus to doing it this way is that I then have enough for the next block, as making them this way yields two HST's from each one. I then press them flat, trim  to size and join them together for each side with chain-piecing, so that all four sides are done at the same time. So this is number 5 and I also made the centre 6"block for the next one. 

A few nights with the Winter Olympics, Friday at Somerset and today at the Applique Guild meeting I've made a bit of an inroads to the 4th centre square of Coxcombs and Stars. Not ready for a photo -yet but it's coming along.
I also have Foxtel [Cable] on my IPad and watched all 13 episodes of Season2 of House of Cards. I did thoroughly enjoy it and may watch it again before this offer runs out on the 13th March. The only downside to this, is the fact that I can't sew while my IPad sits on my knee.  I'll have to work on that.  LOL!    Have a good week everyone.